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Für Entwickler: Das Global Mapper SDK

The Global Mapper SDK provides a Windows DLL which allows you to include much of the functionality of Global Mapper within your own applications. Some of the available features are described below.

Available Features

  • Load any number of layers from almost all of the formats supported by Global Mapper. This includes nearly all imagery, elevation, and vector data formats.
  • Load USGS topographic maps and aerial imagery directly from the TerraServer. This allows your application to easily add access to the complete collection of U.S. topographic maps (DRGs), 1-meter grayscale satellite imagery (DOQs), and high resolution color urban area imagery.
  • Draw loaded layers to your own device context, allowing Global Mapper-style rendering in your own application. You can draw any specified portion of the loaded data.
  • Retrieve the color at any location from loaded raster and elevation layers.
  • Retrieve the elevation at any location from loaded elevation layers.
  • Get information about loaded layers, including projection/datum, bounding rectangle, description, ground control points, pixel size, etc.
  • Generate contour lines from loaded elevation grid layers.
  • Perform view shed analysis using loaded elevation grid layers as well as vector data (areas, lines, and points) with elevation values associated with them.
  • Reproject loaded data to a user-specified projection/datum.
  • Load imagery that has not been georeferenced by providing ground control points and projection, the DLL will perform the rectification.
  • Auto-clip the collar off of USGS DRGs.
  • Export loaded layers to many of the export formats supported by Global Mapper, such as GeoTIFF and JPG.
  • Export a user-supplied bitmap to a GeoTIFF or JPG file.
  • Re-project coordinates from one projection/datum to another projection/datum.
  • Generate contour lines from gridded elevation data.
  • Perform a view shed analysis from gridded elevation data.

SDK Details

The Global Mapper DLL is a standard Windows DLL with a C language interface. Click Here to view the C header file detailing the interface to the DLL. A description of the entry point functions to the DLL is available here. A list of changes since the initial Global Mapper SDK release is available here.

As a standard Windows DLL, the Global Mapper DLL can be called from just about any programming language on a Windows platform, including Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual C#, and Java with JNI. Samples for both C++ and C# are provided below.

Along with the DLL, a sample application with full source is included in the SDK demonstrating the use of the DLL. The sample application will build in Visual C++ 6.0 with the latest service packs. One of the users of the Global Mapper SDK has also kindly provided a sample of how to use the DLL from a C# application. You can download the source of this sample project here. While this C# sample application is a bit out-of-date, it should be a good starting point to demonstrate how to call the DLL from a C# application.

Downloading the SDK

Click here to download the SDK for evaluation (the SDK is about 11MB in size). Upon request, we can provide an expiring registration file to allow you to try out the SDK for a few weeks prior to purchasing permanent licenses.

SDK Licensing/Purchasing

Purchasing the Global Mapper SDK entitles one developer to work with the Global Mapper SDK to develop custom applications. An additional DLL license must be purchased for each Global Mapper DLL that is distributed. Unlimited distribution licenses may also be available in some situations upon request. Special licensing is available for use of the SDK DLL in a server-side application that is accessed by users over a network.

Pricing for the SDK is fixed and provided below. The pricing for additional DLL licenses is negotiable and will be no higher than $139 US per DLL distributed. The actual cost per DLL distributed will vary depending on how the DLL will be used in the product being distributed. Products that directly compete with Global Mapper will be charged a higher price, while those that do not will be charged a potentially much lower price per DLL. Please contact us at info@screen-paper.de to discuss any potential projects which you'd like to use the Global Mapper DLL in and we can give you more specific pricing.

Upon purchase of the SDK, instructions for downloading the SDK will be provided. Optionally, a CD containing the SDK can be mailed to the address provided during the order process. In addition, a single registration key file will be provided for the single DLL development license included with the SDK purchase.

When additional DLL development and/or distribution licenses are purchased, a separate registration key file (to be distributed with the DLL) will be provided for each additional license purchased.

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